• Nationwide Pre-Foreclosure Listings, Updated Daily
  • REO Properties*
  • Detailed Information on Any Property in the United States (Search Properties by Address)*
  • Search, Save, and Analyze Property COMPS*
  • Search for Cash Buyers and Properties Owned "Free and Clear"*
  • Interactive Mapping and Satellite Imagery
  • Comprehensive Property Analysis Wizard
  • Automatically Generated Cash Flow and Analysis Reports

  • Premium Valuation Reports and Document Images
  • Dynamic Mortgage Reduction Calculator with Reporting
  • Analyze Mortgage Notes to Purchase, Sell, or Broker
  • Contact Manager with Appointment Scheduler
  • Tenant and Rent Tracker
  • Pre-Populated HomeownerEngagement Letters
  • Client Financial Tracker
  • Mortgage and Home Affordability Calculators
  • Dynamic Contract Generator

Nationwide Pre-Foreclosure Listings, Updated Daily*:
Our Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure listings are updated daily with fresh information straight from the County Clerks and Courthouses.
  • Thousands of Daily Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure listings Nationwide
  • Notice of Default, Lis Pendens, and Notice of Trustee Sales
  • Bank or lender owned properties


Comprehensive Property Details and Information*
View up to 125 property-related fields for virtually any commercial or residential property throughout the nation
  • Property Description and Characteristics
  • Home Owner Contact Information
  • Last Market Sale Price and Date
  • Assessed Value and current Property Taxes
  • Site and Location Information
  • Prior Sale Price and Date
  • Current Owner Transfer Information


Nationwide Comparable Home Sales (COMPS)*
The Property COMPS feature allows you to select your own search criteria, then view, save, and analyze the results.
  • Instantly Search, Save, and Analyze Property COMPS
  • View Comprehensive Property Details for Comparable Homes
  • Interactive Satellite Map overlay of COMPs
  • Property Value and COMPS Reporting


Cash Buyers Search
The Cash Buyers feature allows you to find investors and buyers that have purchased properties for all cash in your areas. These buyers are an excellent lead and marketing base to flip your properties.
  • Search by City or Zip Code
  • Search by an individual's name or by company (See All the Properties they Own!)
  • Search for Out of State or Absentee Owners
  • Export your results in Excel for use in Marketing Materials and Mailers


Easy to Use Property Analysis Wizard
The Six-Step Analysis Wizard lets you calculate the upfront and on-going costs, expenses, and income for your commercial or residential properties.
  • Calculate Mortgage payments and Closing Costs
  • Home Inspection & Repair Calculator
  • Unit-by-Unit Rental Analysis
  • Generate Expenses and Income Reports
  • Pre and Post Tax Cash Flow Reporting
  • Print Presentation-ready property analysis reports
  • Premium property value reports


Mortgage Note Analysis
Quickly and easily analyze and calculate returns on mortgage notes to sell, purchase, or broker.
  • Calculate returns based on original or current loan information
  • Analyze traditional or interest only loans, with or without balloon payments.
  • Calculate Annual Return, Total Return, Offer Price, LTV, and more.
  • The Quick Note Evaluator allows you determine a note’s feasibility before running the calculations


Mortgage Accelerator Calculators
Accelerate your mortgage payoff by viewing and calculating various payoff methods, including bi-weekly payments, double principal payments, or create your own custom payment plans.
  • Create custom payment plans with the amount and frequency of your choice
  • View effective terms, total interest saved, and % saved
  • View full Amortization charts and Graphs for each payment plan


Premium Reporting and Analysis Tools
Premium property valuations, lien reports, and quick reference calculators allow you to stay ahead of the game.
  • Quick Commercial Property Analysis and Calculator
  • Three distinct Property Valuation models and reports
  • View Property Lien and Transaction History
  • Mortgage and Home Affordability Calculators
  • Save and Print Document Images and Assessor’s Maps


And More!
Premium property valuations, lien reports, and quick reference calculators allow you to stay ahead of the game.
  • Contact Manager with Appointment Scheduler
  • Tenant and Rent Tracker
  • Dynamic Contract Generator
  • Financial Statement Wizard

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